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About Shaolin

What is Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is a 1500 year old martial art system originating from China and is often referred to as the mother of all Chinese martial arts.  It was developed by the monks of the Shaolin Temple at Songshan Mountain.  Through diligent practise, they honed and utilized their Kung Fu skill as a tool to improve health, as a form of self defense, and as an expression of their study of Zen Buddhism.  Shaolin has developed a rich culture over its long and vast history;  its unique system of martial arts has been preserved and passed down by the monks from generation to generation. 

Our Lineage

The Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute (STQI) offers traditional Shaolin martial arts training with schools found in Ontario, Quebec and now Alberta.  It was founded by 34th Generation Warrior Monk Shi Guo Song, who embodies the 1500 year old culture of Shaolin Kung Fu.  The STQI - Hinton/Jasper, Alberta branch is a new school offering authentic Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts training in the northern Alberta region under the lineage of Shi Guo Song.   

Shaolin Warrior Monk Shi Guo Song

Master Shi Guo Song began learning martial arts at the age of six and was accepted into the Shaolin Temple at the age of thirteen. He is one of the Ten Famous Arhats (Top Temple Guards) in the Shaolin Temple and held the post of Chief Coach of the Shaolin martial arts monk group.  In 2007, he emigrated to Canada to spread the knowledge and culture of thee Shaolin arts and founded the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute in Canada.  He has celebrated over ten years of teaching in Canada and continues out of his head school located in Markham, ON.

Chief Shaolin Instructor (STQI Hinton/Jasper)

Alan has over twenty years of martial arts experience and has competed in multiple competitions.  Most notably he was a Gold Medalist at the 10th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival in China. His journey began with the study of the Southern Five Animals style of Shaolin Kung Fu.  Later, he studied the Northern style of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu and Qigong under Master Shi Guo Song.   He has spent many years teaching at the head STQI branch in Markham.   In 2016, he relocated to Hinton and is now sharing his passion for martial arts in the northern Alberta region.

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