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Martial Arts & Qigong in Hinton, AB

Registration is now open for our Spring 2024 Term:

Shaolin Kung Fu - Adult/Youth (9+)

Day/Time: Mondays, 7-8pm & Wednesdays, 6-7pm

Location: Bodywise Health and Fitness Centre

Spring Term: Apr 3 - Jun 26, 2024 (No class May 20th)


  • Adults - $312+tax  |  $156.00+tax for 1x week 

  • Youth (9-12yrs) - $240+tax  |  $120+tax for 1x week

  • Drop In $15.00+tax

$50.00 association fee per student separate

This class is appropriate for all levels focusing on mastering foundation movements. The focus is on building strong internal force and fluidity through traditional Shaolin training methods, forms and self-defence.

Shaolin Kung Fu - Family (5-8 Yrs Old)

Day/Time: Wednesdays, 5:00pm - 5:45pm

Location: Bodywise Health and Fitness Centre

Spring Term: Apr 3 - May 29th, 2024 

Cost: Please inquire for pricing

$50.00 association fee per family separate (1x annually)

This is an introductory class where families will join together in learning a new martial arts program.  Children will learn the foundations of martial arts while having fun in a playful and supportive environment.  Parents will be able to participate while getting a workout in and learning new techniques.  This is a great way to get to bond together and get started in a disciplined training program.

Qigong - Ba Duan Jin 

Day/Time:  Mondays, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Bodywise Health and Fitness Centre

Spring Term: Apr 8th - Jun 3rd, 2024 (No class May 20th)


  • $120+tax term

  • Drop in: $20+tax

Qigong utilizes deep abdominal breathing with slow and gentle movements to increase oxygen capacity, improve blood circulation and boost your qi energy. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

Classes are held at Bodywise Fitness Centre (Valley Square, opposite of the Athabasca Inn) located at 127 Athabasca Ave, Hinton AB, T7V 2A4. 

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