Martial Arts & Qigong in Hinton, AB

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Classes are held at Bodywise Fitness Centre (Valley Square, opposite of the Athabasca Inn) located at 127 Athabasca Ave, Hinton AB, T7V 2A4.

Shaolin Kung Fu - Adult/Teen (13+)

Day/Time: Mon/Wed evenings at 7pm - 8:30pm

Location: Bodywise Health and Fitness Centre

Term: Fall Term Sept 13 - Dec 15th, 2021

Cost: $500 Non-gym members / $351 gym members + $50.00 association fee

This class is appropriate for all levels focusing on mastering foundation movements. The focus is on building strong internal force and fluidity through traditional Shaolin training methods and forms

Shaolin Kids Kung Fu (8-12yrs)

Day/Time: Wed evenings at 6pm - 6:55pm

Location: Bodywise Health and Fitness Centre

Term: Fall Term Sept 15 - Dec 15th, 2021

Cost: $112.00 + $50.00

The Shaolin program helps young children to learn, develop and understand the foundation skills of martial arts and how they can be applied into other area's of life. They will understand the importance of building strong character, confidence, self esteem through fun & disciplined training.

Sanda Fitness & Conditioning

TBC - Please Inquire

If you prefer martial arts training with a direct approach without the use of traditional forms practise than this class is for you.  Sanda is a free form of Chinese Kickboxing and is one of the main components in our Shaolin curriculum.  This is a one hour workout that emphasizes conditioning and cardio through a combination of striking, combinations, pad work, bodyweight exercises and stretching.  

Qigong - Ba Duan Jin 

TBD - Please Inquire

Qigong utilizes deep abdominal breathing with slow and gentle movements to increase oxygen capacity, improve blood circulation and boost your qi energy. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.