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Common Questions:

1.  Do I need prior experience in Kung Fu or another martial art?

Absolutely not.  Classes are designed for a mix of different levels to improve and grow together.  Your progression will depend on the work, focus and dedication you put in.

2.  What can I expect training to be like?

The Shaolin curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing solid foundation skills through disciplined training.  In a typical class, we start with warm up drills that help improve mobility and coordination.  This is followed by full body stretching & kick drills to increase our range of motion and speed.  Stance work and line work is done to build a strong base, strength and endurance.  Afterwards, students work on various forms, applications and/or partner work.

3.  What should I wear to class?

Uniforms are required for those who enrol in the Kung Fu program, which consist of a shirt, pants and shoes.  The cost is $75 for a set.  If you are coming for drop in or Qigong, please wear  loose fitting, comfortable clothing (such as a T-shirt and sweatpants) that will not restrict movement.  A comfortable pair of indoor running shoes/footwear with non-marking soles are required.

4.  Who can Join?

Classes are currently available for those aged 13 and over.  However, we are currently evaluating a youth/kids program.  Please provide your contact information if you're interested .  

5.  What is the price of classes?

Our classes are run in term formats that are usually in several month increments.   Class prices vary depending on the location, class and facilities:

Hinton:  (It is separated by gym member pricing & non-member pricing)


Shaolin Kung Fu: 

  • Non Members: $18 drop in, and it works out to $16.50/class if you sign up for the term.

  • Bodywise Gym Members: $15 drop in, and it works out to $13.50/class if you sign up for the term. 


  • Non Members: $13 drop in, and it works out to $11.00/class if you sign up for the term.

  • Bodywise Gym Members: $11 drop in, and it works out to $9.00/class if you sign up for the term. 



Shaolin Kung Fu: 

  • $18 drop in, and it works out to $12.50/class if you sign up for the term.  Children are $12.00/class and it works out to $8.00/class if they sign up for the term.



  • $15.75 drop in at JPL.  Discounts available via punch pass at Health Club.

6.  The term has already started, can I join mid-stream?

Yes, you can join at any time.  Classes are structured in a way that you can join any time, even late in the term.  Please contact us for the prorated remainder term pricing or drop-in.

7.  What is your ‘belt system’  and what are the fees?

All students are required to pay an annual association fee of $100 made payable to the: "Shaolin Luohan Temple" which is our charitable organization that funds the promotion of Shaolin arts and the development of the a Shaolin Temple in Canada. 


Shaolin Kung Fu does not have a belt system, and there are no hidden fees.   Progress is measured in many ways which includes, but is not limited to, improved fitness & conditioning, self awareness, self defense and health & wellness.  

8.  Do you offer private classes?

Yes, some students prefer individual or semi-group private classes.  These can be arranged, please contact us using the contact form to request more information.

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