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Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is a comprehensive and dynamic system of martial arts that utilizes fluid, swift and powerful movements. Training is a challenging full body workout that is aerobic in nature.  Students will learn: different footwork, stances, stretches, strikes and self defense techniques all through a variety of forms and movements patterns to harmonize the body, breath and mind.  Through consistent training, students will benefit from improved:  balance, speed, coordination, reaction time, strength, endurance and flexibility.  

What to Expect:

The structure of a typical class generally consists of:

  • Warm Up 

  • Full Body Stretching

  • Stance/Conditioning Drills

  • Foundation Skills (line drills, kicks, acrobatics, combat segments)

  • Shaolin Forms (hand forms and/or weapons)

  • Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) Drills (partner work, pad work etc)

  • Closing 

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